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Because we tailor our program to fit your needs, our first step is to discuss your goals with you. Afterwards, we will decide on the frequency of instruction that best meets your needs. Some students choose weekly or biweekly lessons; others come more frequently. It’s up to you. Our lessons can be 60 minutes, 45 minutes, or 30 minutes in length.


Our rates vary depending on whether you receive instruction one-on-one or in a group setting; whether you have your lessons at Spanish in Town or in a different place; or if you want a reading tutoring or a special review for a specific Spanish test.


Parents and Tots

Ages 1-3 (25 min.)

Children in this session don’t want to leave. They are with their parents or caregivers. These young students start learning a new language through different and fun activities designed to engage them in a new world. Students become great friends if they share in a group session. These playful lessons are fantastic for parents and caregivers who want to learn basics Spanish and want to share it with their children.


Ages 3-young 5’s (30 min.)

Lessons full of fun and basics of the language. Students will learn key phrases in no time while they are playing and having a great time. Preschoolers start to understand that there is a new reality, which is verbal and different. Through great activities, reading books, and games, children find ways to communicate in their new language!

Kindergartners – 1st

Ages 5-6 (40 min.)

Our little ones at this level range from those in Spanish immersion school, to those that have some connection with Spanish, to those who are just interested in having a new experience. Kindergarten introduces them to a new way to see the world. It is a more formal approach where the first 20 numbers, alphabet, shapes, and colors are their focus. We help and teach these important subjects introducing the language in a dynamic and fun way.

2nd – 5th graders

Ages 6-10 (45 min.)

Elementary students require greater commitment with their own learning process. They are encouraged to learn at their own pace with the learning strategies we provide. Instructors always support children's learning process in a safe and playful environment. Students not only listen, speak, sing, and play in their new language, but read, write and speak as well.


6th – 12th graders 

Ages 10–18 (45 min.)

This fun and dynamic class for middle and high school students is full of language activities, real-life scenarios, conversations, and grammar concepts. Students should expect to be active, connect with the language, become familiar with vocabulary and phrases, participate in conversations, and respond to basic dialogues. 

Adults / companies

Ages 19+ (60 min.)

It is never too late to learn a new language. Our native-speaker instructors create a plan to meet your specific needs as an adult learner. We work with adults with previous Spanish studies or with adults that feel like they want to start from scratch.

Online lessons

50 min.

New media allow us to connect more easily without traveling. With just a few clicks you can have a Spanish instructor in your place via Skype, Face Time, or Facebook Messenger. It is never too late to learn and you can always find time to do it.

Spanish reading and writing tutoring

30 min.

This special tutoring lesson is for children who attend Spanish immersion school who need help only with their writing and reading homework and they are struggling with their practice at home. Parents that want their kids to develop reading strategies and better writing, here is your place! 


Math tutoring in Spanish

K-4th grade (35 min.)

This special math lesson in Spanish is for children who attend Spanish immersion school who need help only with their math homework and they are struggling with math concepts. Parents who want their kids to develop math skills, we help in areas such as counting, shapes, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and more areas of K-4th grade. 

Voice-over talent

Viviana’s voice is part of different corporate productions in Spanish. If you want her to work with your business with her native Colombian Spanish, please let us know.